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Fluorescent and HID Lamp Troubleshooting Guide

Friday, October 15, 2010
Lighting system maintenance is a top priority for many facility managers. But when something goes wrong in a fluorescent or HID lighting system, identifying the problem can be a challenge.

This lamp troubleshooting guide from Canlyte provides step-by-step help for diagnosing and correcting several common fluorescent and HID lamp issues. Topics covered include slow lamp startup, excessive noise, lamp cycling, and interference. The guide also explains how to determine if a malfunctioning lamp is repairable, or should be recycled.

Even with the best maintenance, fluorescent and HID lamps eventually burn out. When they do, try the EasyPak™ recycling program from EasyPak is simple: order the box, load the spent lamps, and return the box using the included prepaid shipping label. Click here to purchase now.


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