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Improper Lamp Disposal Doesn't Pay

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
While not worrying about how spent fluorescent lamps are stored and labeled—or even throwing them away—can seem easier and cheaper than recycling them, it actually doesn't pay. In fact, improper lamp disposal can end up costing a facility in fines and negative PR, plus time spent on paperwork and corrective action.

The National Energy Technology Laboratory in Albany, Oregon recently discovered this when it received a $1,500 fine for improperly sealing containers of universal waste lamps and failure to properly label a hazardous waste container, according to this article from the Albany Democrat-Herald.

The violations were found during an unannounced July 2011 inspection by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.'s EasyPak™ mail-in containers make it convenient and efficient to stay compliant with recycling regulations. After recycling lamps with EasyPak, an online Certificate of Recycling is issued, making it simple to prove compliance. Learn more » EasyPak mail-in containers


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