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Energy Efficiency: How Does Your Facility Stack Up?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Today, energy efficiency is both a popular and important topic in facility management. Growing awareness and concern about the environmental impact of commercial facilities coupled with the potential for cost-savings from energy efficiency in an era of tight facility budgets have combined to make the pursuit of energy efficiency a primary goal for many FMs.

But knowing how your facility is doing when it comes to energy efficiency isn't always simple. One easy-to-use and meaningful way to do so is using the Portfolio Manager energy efficiency benchmarking tool from Energy Star, described in this article from GreenBiz. Portfolio Manager is a free online tool that allows FMs to plug in data from their facility to see how they compare to similar facilities on energy efficiency.

Whether you're just getting your facility's energy efficiency initiative off the ground or manage a well-developed energy efficiency program, this tool can help you learn how your facility stacks up against your peers and general energy-efficiency standards.

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