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Introducing VaporShield®...Lamp Recycling Made Easier

Friday, August 24, 2012
VaporShield® is here! Air Cycle Corporation is very pleased to announce our brand new VaporShield® mail-back lamp recycling box, the latest advancement in lamp recycling box design. We're committed to innovation in the pursuit of continually improving our products, and VaporShield® will help make recycling lamps easier than ever for facility managers.

In VaporShield®, a fresh approach to mail-back box design yields a simpler box setup and a safe, faster loading process. The new container eliminates the plastic liner and folding flaps of the conventional mail-back box in favor of two self-adhesive end caps and a specially treated corrugated matrix that safely contains mercury vapor in the event of breakage during storage or shipment.

The simplified packaging and convenient loading procedure of the box minimize the risk of outside breakage and encourage the recycling of lamps. The box also includes the full value-adding suite of features offered by the EasyPak™ program including Sustainable Program automatic reordering, online Certificates of Recycling and Recycling Reports, and Container Tracking.

We're excited about how the new box will make it easier and faster than ever for facility managers to recycle lamps and keep hazardous mercury out of the environment.

Watch the VaporShield® video to learn more or read about the new box »


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