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New VaporShield® Video Screening at

Saturday, September 15, 2012
If you haven't already seen it, take a minute (or a minute and 16 seconds to be exact!) to check out the video about our new VaporShield® mail-back lamp recycling boxes. Featuring Air Cycle Account Executive Justin Hayes, the video explains a little bit about the usability and safety aspects of the box, and shows it in action.

The new box eliminates the hard-to-use plastic liner that most--if not all--other mail-back boxes require by using a specially treated material for the box tube, which contains mercury vapor in the event of breakage during shipment.

VaporShield® containers also include an interior divider, which adds structural rigidity to the box and allows lamps to be stacked more conveniently. Both of these innovations make the box easier to load, which means users are less likely to break a lamp outside the box while fumbling with liners and box flaps or while attempting to load a lamp in an almost-full container.

Preliminary feedback from users has so far been very the video to find out why!

Watch the VaporShield® video »


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