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Air Cycle Rolls Out Additions to EasyPak™ Line

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Air Cycle Corporation is very pleased to announce it has added several new containers to the EasyPak™ product line. The new containers—available now for purchase—include the CFL Recycling Box, Universal Lamp Box, Micro Battery Bucket, and PalletPak Lamp Recycling Kit.

The new EasyPak™ offerings expand the options available to facility managers for recycling their spent fluorescent lamps and batteries. The containers offer increased flexibility in how facility managers recycle waste, ranging in capacity from very large to very small quantities, and include the full suite of value-adding EasyPak™ features including online Certificates of Recycling, Recycling Reports, Container Tracking, and Sustainable Program automatic reordering.

The PalletPak Lamp Recycling Kit enables large-scale lamp recycling (up to 1600 T8 4-foot straight fluorescent lamps) consolidated onto the footprint of a standard 40" x 48" pallet, and includes pickup for recycling within 48 hours.

The Micro Battery Bucket enables facility managers to recycle very small quantities of batteries—10 lbs in a 0.6-gallon container—for low battery waste-producing locations, while the Universal Lamp Recycling Box enables the recycling of any lamp type (2-foot or less) in the same container including straight fluorescent, HID, u-bend, and compact fluorescent.

The CFL Recycling Box replaces the discontinued CFL Recycling Bucket. The box can hold 150 compact fluorescent lamps versus the 90-lamp capacity of the bucket, resulting in a lower recycling cost per lamp.

Browse the new EasyPak containers »

If you missed it, don't forget to check out new, innovative VaporShield® lamp recycling box design. We got rid of the liner and box flaps, and added a specially treated cardboard to contain mercury and an interior divider that keeps lamps organized during loading. The boxes are certified UN-compliant per 49 CFR-Packaging Group II and ISTA® Transit Tested Certified, meaning they are safe to use.

Watch the VaporShield® video and learn more »


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