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What Are My Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Options?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Facility executives everywhere are motivated by state and federal regulations, the quest for efficiency, and environmental sustainability to find a recycling program that best fits their operations. So, how do you make an educated decision? Better yet, are there multiple solutions that could benefit a single facility?

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Bulk Pickup: The most popular option, bulk recycling is a common solution to fluorescent lamp recycling. Spent lamps are packed into boxes or fiber drums until it’s time for your scheduled pickup. This is a relatively inexpensive option, but still requires that your facility store spent lamps for up to a year.

Pre-Paid Recycling Containers: By purchasing our EasyPak containers, you’ll increase efficiency in your facility while saving space. Auto-replenishment delivers new lamp recycling containers, protected by VaporShield technology, to your facility as needed. Easily create your mail-in pre-paid recycling program online at

Lamp Crushing: By investing in a drum-top lamp crusher, like our Bulb Eater or Bulb Eater 3, facility managers can reduce the volume of spent lamps to eliminate storage space and transportation costs associated with recycling intact lamps. Lamp crushing works in tandem with bulk recycling as full drums are scheduled for pickup and delivery to proper recycling facilities based on your business’ unique needs.

How do you decide? First, it’s important to understand your state regulations. For example, crushers are regulated at the state level as a means of monitoring mercury emissions to support the environment. Our drum top lamp crushers are rigorously tested to safely crush lamps while capturing virtually all harmful mercury in the process.

Air Cycle provides simple, sustainable solutions to universal waste recycling.


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