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5 Must-Read Articles for Facility Managers Everywhere

Monday, November 7, 2016
As 2016 draws to an end, we can’t help but think of how much we learned in a year’s time. This week, we’re compiling a list of resources for facilities managers, straight from the most trusted publications in the industry. If you haven’t already come across these insightful articles this year, click through to hear from industry experts on retrofit planning, long-term maintenance, facilities management trend projections, and more.

2016 Money Saving Products: Buildings Magazine. Our Bulb Eater® was named a money saving product of the year by Buildings Magazine in 2012, and every year, the publication has made it easy to find products in every category, from janitorial solutions to energy monitors. Bookmark this article as your go-to for increasing efficiency of operations for facility managers.

PRSM Association Releases 2017 Trends Report: Facilitiesnet. In the retail industry? This report dives into projected 2017 trends and the effects they’ll have on facilities management decisions, touching on everything from federal regulations to transforming the retail environment.

Preserving Our School Facility Investments: School Planning and Management. Too often, school districts utilize non-recurring funding sources, like bond issue referendums, to fund major construction projects without establishing a plan for long-term maintenance or a plan to fund said maintenance. Consider this a school facilities manager’s guide to planning for long term maintenance.

Maintaining Our Standards: College Planning and Management. We guarantee you haven’t thought of regulations and industry standards in this way before. Take a look at how pushing the limits in facilities management could be a slippery slope in regards to efficiency and safety.

A High Performance Management Plan Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Retrofit: Retrofit Magazine. Make a connection between replacing aging systems and attracting new clients, or maintaining structural safety and improving occupant health. This resource will help you explore the unforeseen benefits of your next retrofit.


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