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How To Safely Seal Your EasyPak VaporShield Containers

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Our products and services are designed to make recycling more convenient, safe, and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes. To ensure the safety of all employees and carriers who handle your EasyPak containers from the moment they hold their first fluorescent bulb, to arriving at a certified recycling facility, it is important to follow all of the instructions included on your EasyPak VaporShield Box. That means not only properly assembling the container, but also making sure that the container is properly sealed before shipment.

Share this short video with your team to learn how to easily assemble and pack an EasyPak VaporShield container to ensure safety during handling and delivery. 

Need a helpful reminder? Print out these instructions to keep handy while youre packing fluorescent bulbs for shipment.

  1. When assembling your box for the first time, press the end cap into one end of the center section.
  2. Remove the white strips from the pressure sensitive tape on the first end cap, and press the folds firmly along the sides of the center section.
  3. Seal end cap to container with 3 wide box tape. Seal all edges and corners for shipping. Make several wraps around the intersection of the end cap and center section of the box to create a tight seal. Tape should cover all of the creases created by the end cap.
  4. Press firmly on the tape to ensure that it adheres.
  5. When you begin to fill the box with spent lamps, be sure to write the accumulation start date in the box on the side of the center section.
  6. If the box is not entirely filled, insert the end cap into the open end of the center section without taping. This will keep the box closed when not in use.
  7. When the box is filled with linear fluorescent lamps, press the end cap down onto the center section until the lamps pierce the first layer of cardboard on the end cap, holding the bulbs in place.
  8. Remove the white strips from the pressure sensitive tape located on the underside of the end cap, and press the folds firmly along the sides of the center section.
  9. Repeat steps three and four to the opposite end cap to ensure a secure seal.

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Anonymous Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing this video! It's good to have a how-to to make sure these things are being used safely.

April 13, 2016 at 10:28 AM  

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