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The University of New Mexico's Recycling Problem - Solved.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The University of New Mexico is a nationally recognized leader in higher education that prides themselves in their use of sustainable practices to ensure a positive impact on the environment. As part of this commitment to being a “green university,” UNM searched for a safe and economical way to handle fluorescent lamp waste. 

Since these lamps contain mercury and proper management and disposal is regulated by the EPA, sending spent lamps to a local landfill was not an option. Instead, UNM would have to find a simple, sustainable solution for handling and disposing of lamps. This solution would have to:

1. Minimize storage of intact spent lamps
2. Reduce the potential for breakage during handling
3. Meet state and federal recycling regulations
4. Reduce costs
5. Use minimal labor hours while keeping workers safe

“The UNM needs a safe and economical way to dispose of fluorescent lamps that requires less time, labor, storage space, and recedes cost for proper disposal.”
Scott George, University of New Mexico

How did the University of New Mexico find a simple, sustainable solution that met all of their needs? Read the full case study here to find out how you can reduce costs and risk of potential lamp breakage in your facility with the help of

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