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Simple Solutions to Complex Recycling Regulations

Monday, May 16, 2016
Tackling the complex problem of universal waste recycling for large organizations can be a daunting task, even with staff specifically trained to deal with such issues. Service organizations such as hotels, colleges, and hospitals don’t generate hazardous materials as a normal course and all too often, these businesses may not be aware of state, local, and federal environmentalregulations as traditional  manufacturers.

Common workplace waste, such as spent batteries, fluorescent bulbs, ballasts and electronics are regulated in each state and are generated in such volumes that they cannot be landfilled legally. One fine can easily erode the savings incurred through illegally landfilling regulated waste.

As green practices become more commonplace, consumers increasingly factor environmentally sustainable practices into their purchase decisions. According to a survey by FORBES MAGAZINE, 62 percent of travelers either always or often consider the environment when choosing a hotel, transportation, or restaurant. By being proactive and responsible, your service company can avoid the potential for significant negative public relations and turn it into core business ethic.

Service organizations can easily put a universal waste recycling program in place for lamps, batteries, ballasts,  and electronics by using Air Cycle’s EasyPak program. For one flat rate, an EasyPak container is shipped to you and the pre-paid service provides you everything you need to put a recycling program in place. The service includes easy to assemble and use storage containers, that when full are sealed and sent for recycling using the UPS pre-paid address label that comes with each container.  Recycling has never been easier.

Recycle a full container and a replacement will automatically be reordered and sent to you. Track your progress and set goals with live, visual reporting of the waste recycled at your facility. You’ll receive official, online Certificates of Recycling for download in your inbox to stay in compliance and avoid costly fines.


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