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Why is Lamp Recycling So Important?

Monday, August 1, 2016
When a fluorescent bulb burns out, it seems like an easy fix: throw out the bulb and replace it. Did you ever think of the consequences of simply throwing out a spent lamp? While easy, there are serious consequences behind tossing a spent bulb. Recycling your bulbs should be an essential step in even the smallest facilities.

It’s the Law
State and federal regulations enforce the proper disposal of bulbs, and the consequences for noncompliance can prove to be quite costly. Some facilities have been fined over fifty thousand dollars for improper fluorescent lamp disposal. Fines can be avoided by simply taking the right action that’s environmentally aware.

Health Hazards
Fluorescent lamps contain dangerous mercury and heavy metals, and if broken, can introduce your employees to the potential for mercury exposure. Risking your employees’ safety is not worth the ease of throwing out a light bulb in the trash.

Environmental Protection
Not only can broken light bulbs affect humans, but mercury is a neurotoxin that can affect natural food sources, such as fish. Consumers care more and more about choosing environmentally-conscious businesses (we have the proof here), so why not start with lamp recycling as the perfect first step to going green!

It’s Easy!
We make bulb recycling easy! You’ll be able to choose a recycling method that suits your unique facility, and even measure your efforts to show how your company is making a difference.

Contact Air Cycle today to implement your new lamp-recycling program for your business! Air Cycle Corporations creates simple, sustainable solutions that make recycling easy. We are committed to developing these tools and services to help increase recycling rates while also protecting our environment. 


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