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Fluorescent bulb recycling for churches, worship facilities

Monday, November 9, 2009
While most EasyPak users are businesses or in the government, education, or healthcare sectors, we've started to see a surge in churches and religious organizations that are also interested in recycling their bulbs. It's a good thing too: churches, like any other non-residential building, use a lot of fluorescent lighting. Churches are realizing that it is important to recycle their bulbs, keeping mercury out of the environment and staying in line with their state's waste regulations.

Worship Facilities magazine recently profiled on their website, discussing how users can use the site to order their own EasyPak containers, view online recycling reports to track their church's green progress, and receive certificates of recycling that officially recognize their efforts.

If you are a part of a church or religious organization that wants to do the right thing for the environment, I'd recommend checking and EasyPak out. Recycling your bulbs, batteries, ballasts or e-waste with EasyPak is a simple and low-cost step you can take to help your facility and congregation reap instant green results.

To order EasyPak containers or to find out more info, click here.

How fluorescent bulbs are made

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
I recently ran across this really cool video detailing the entire fluorescent bulb manufacturing process. The video shows every step, from the shaping of the glass tubes to the cutting of the wires inside, as well as the insertion of all the needed components. Pretty intricate process for such a simple result!

One thing the video shows is the insertion of drops of mercury into each bulb. Mercury is required for the bulb to work, but its presence means that proper disposal is needed (and often required by law!). Fortunately, we here at have a neat solution that solves the bulb disposal problem: prepaid EasyPak recycling containers. Click here to learn more about how EasyPak works and what it can do for your facility.