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Fluorescent Bulb Recycling - Getting a Program Started

Friday, February 12, 2010
This helpful article from Maintenance Solutions magazine offers some great tips on how to get your bulb recycling program up and running. Because every facility has its own needs, there is rarely a uniform one-size-fits-all fluorescent recycling program, so facility managers need to do some prep work before they launch their own. The article points out a few helpful questions to ask yourself before getting started on your program - these questions will help you start to get organized and can bring up some potential problems before they actually happen.

Here are the questions:

• How many fluorescent lamps are in your facility? Where are they located?
• How often do you relamp?
• How many fluorescent lamps are you disposing of each month? Each year?
• What types of fluorescent lamps do you buy? Are they energy-efficient lamps?
• How are spent lamps handled and stored?
• Do all employees know what to do if a fluorescent lamp burns out or breaks?
• Is the organization in compliance with all hazardous-waste regulations?


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