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New T12 Magnetic Ballast Regulations

Friday, August 13, 2010
Government regulation of facility systems is becoming more and more common, as concerns grow about the environmental impact of facilities-fluorescent lighting systems are no exception to this trend.

In July, federal efficiency standards went into effect that stringently limit the manufacture and sale of replacement ballasts for T12 fluorescent lamps, according to a recent white paper from Lighting Controls Association. The standards became law as part of a series of regulations drafted by the Department of Energy in 2005, but are only now being fully implemented. Exceptions for some dimming ballasts, and ballasts designed for outdoor use and residential applications do apply.

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For many facilities, the new standards will mean performing lighting system upgrades, which produce spent fluorescent lamps that can't just be thrown away. Instead of trashing lamps, try the EasyPak™ prepaid recycling program from EasyPak is a simple way to dispose of spent lamps in a regulation-compliant and environmentally-friendly way.

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